You Are Our Lord!


You Are Our Lord!
By Marie C Neubauer

You came to earth to set us free
And give us life eternally
You paid sin’s debt for everyone
You are our Lord, Jesus God’s Son!

Amazing grace, forgiveness too
Your Holy Spirit guides us through
And all who will may freely come
You are our Lord, Jesus God’s Son!

Spiritual gifts you will bestow
That help your church on earth to grow
And let us know of things to come
You are our Lord, Jesus God’s Son!

You give us peace this world can’t give
You show us how we are to live
And by Your grace we overcome
You are our Lord, Jesus God’s Son!


“Who is the image of the invisible God”
[Colossians 1:15]


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The Call Of God


The Call Of God
By Tom D Blakely

What makes us think we have the right
To even call His name?
Or dare to think He will forgive
Our debt of sin and shame?
The call of God gives us the hope
That we may know our God.
The gift of Jesus Christ received
Assures we are restored.

Do not be led a merry dance
By Satan’s subtle ways;
He has imposters everywhere
In these the final days.
Broad is the way that leads to hell
And most will take that route;
They have no living faith in Christ
So they do not know God.

When you receive the call of God
You know it is from Him,
For He will lead You to the cross
To have your sins forgiven.
God will direct you as you pray
And you repent of sin,
Then by His word will show the way
Through Jesus Christ His Son.


“For many are called, but few are chosen.”
[Matthew 22:14]


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All Due To Jesus Christ!


All Due To Jesus Christ!
By Marie C Neubauer

I called to God in prayer
And He saw my despair
All due to Jesus Christ
Found love beyond compare!

With peace and harmony
My spirit is set free
All due to Jesus Christ
Who paid sin’s debt for me!

My blinded eyes now see
The cost of Calvary
All due to Jesus Christ
His love and great mercy!

Will you repent of sin
Invite the Savior in?
All due to Jesus Christ
Your new life shall begin!


“It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus,
who has become for us wisdom from God—that is,
our righteousness, holiness and redemption.”
[1 Corinthians 1:30]


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In Jesus’ Name


In Jesus’ Name
By June Stein

What a blessed privilege He gives us…

Inviting us to use His name,

Allowing us to go to the Father in His grace,

Desiring for us fullness of joy!

In Jesus name, how sweet the sound,

In Jesus name, our joy is found,

It’s in His name we are to ask,

And in His name begin each task.

Centered in Him, our faith must grow,

Washed in His love, our love must glow,

Alive in His grace, from sin set free,

One with our Lord through eternity.


“Hitherto you have asked nothing in My name;
ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”
[John 16:24]


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This Court Declares You Free


This Court Declares You Free
By Tom D Blakely

The Judge said, “You are guilty
And you deserve to die.”

The man said, “Yes I know that.”
And ended his reply.
The Judge looked up astonished:
“Today most tend to lie.
They don’t admit wrongdoing
And argue till they die.”

The Judge then asked a question:
“Do you regret your crimes?”
The man was very honest
“Yes, every single one…
My Lord, I know I’m guilty
But heard if I repent
My Judge could be my Saviour…
You took my punishment?”

“Indeed I died for sinners
One day at Calvary.
Your faith my child has saved you
This court declares you free.
And not just now, forever
Eternal life is yours.
Unlike self righteous sinners
Who’s faith is in themselves.”


“I have not come to call the righteous,
but sinners, to repentance.”
[Luke 5:32]


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Shepherds! Wake Up!


Shepherds! Wake Up!
By Rita Broden

The Church of today is in trouble!
The shepherds, it seems, fell asleep
So in crept the wolves with their sheep’s clothes
(Mind you, my friend, they did creep).

Their movements were slow, not earth shaking
So slow, in fact, most couldn’t see
Bit by bit, week by week, changes took place
Some of it with much esprit.

Comics appeared in the pulpits
False teachers rose up like a storm
Bullies rose too, and with their loud voices,
One could feel lost if one didn’t conform.

Their teachings today quite astound me!
They’re more centered on man than of God
The psychology dung they deliver
Isn’t narrow or straight – it is broad.

When we look at mankind from a spiritual view
Mankind’s problem is no more than SIN!
The only answer to sin, friend, is JESUS!
In Jesus ONLY can new life begin!

Sin isn’t spoken of this day and age
This subject’s not popular now
Of course, it wasn’t popular in Christ’s day and age
But He delivered the message anyhow.

The psychology of mankind’s not working
His philosophies quite miss the mark
While his listeners may feel better about ‘SELF’
Their souls are still left in the dark.

When we attempt to correct these false teachings;
To instruct them in Jesus’ way
They loudly accuse us of judging them
And then turn and, from us, walk away.

Shepherds! Wake up! The sheep need you!
They need to hear TRUTH from God’s Word!
God’s written Word is a sharp edged sword
And will cut through the false teachings they’ve heard.

So what! that it isn’t quite popular
So what! that it isn’t “the thing”
By depriving the sheep of God’s written Word
They’re deprived of the faith it will bring.



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Help Us To Be Faithful


Help Us To Be Faithful
By June Stein

Lord never let us fail You
Help us to love You more,
It seems that times are changing
We don’t know what’s in store.
But still we know You love us
You’re with us every day,
We know You’ll never fail us
You are our Truth and Way.

Lord, help us to be faithful
And bring more souls to You,
Please open up the way now
And help us follow through.
The time left may be fleeting
And many still need You,
If we are only willing
You’ll show us what to do.


“But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart;
consider what great things he has done for you.”
[1 Samuel 12:24]


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