A Call To Pray


A Call To Pray
By W A Zamorano

“You must watch and pray,”
I hear the Master say.
All of you who hear the call
Hurry, and get up on the wall.

Far into the distance you must peer
and see what is drawing near.
You must be prepared to go to war
and enforce the victory of the cross once more.

The enemy does not acknowledge defeat,
His most successful weapon is deceit.
When he catches you in a sin,
condemnation he will surely bring.

But God has made a way,
so condemnation cannot stay.
When we confess our sin,
He is faithful and just,
to cleanse us again within.

God wants us to be aware,
even of the most insignificant affair.
He wants us to care,
and lift every problem up to Him in prayer.

We must issue the battle cry,
until we see Jesus coming in the sky.
We must advance the kingdom of God into every nation
and bring the good news of God’s salvation.


‘Watch therefore for ye know
not the hour your Lord doth come.
[Matthew 24:42]

‘There is therefore now no condemnation to them who
are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.’
[Romans 8:1]



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