A Child’s View Of Church


A Child’s View Of Church
By Tom D Blakely

Slept in once again, it must be Sunday morning.
Our clock’s day off is Sunday too and doesn’t give us warning!
Here we go the panic starts, big sister’s in the bathroom,
It wouldn’t be so bad of course if Mum had got her ‘face on’.

Dad hunts around and then he shouts, ‘Where is the freewill offering?’
Mum won’t reply, she’s preparing roast and standing in her night-gown.
Mum ties my laces and then proceeds to choke me with my tie.
She thumps the bathroom door again… well nothing beats a try!

‘If you’re not out of there…!’ (Mum threatens my big sister)
The more Mum shouts the slower Sis gets, I know! She is a twister!
Dad finds the freewill envelope, and then puts in some money…
So that’s how much he thinks of God? Religion is so funny?

My sister’s out at last… Oh no! My Dad has just gone in.
Mum’s Bible reading mustn’t have worked; she’s having a go at him.
At last we’re ready to go to church… Are Mum and Dad in prayer?
Don’t think so… By the sound of things, it’s more like all out war!

We’re driving past that ‘other’ church… Dad usually likes to mock it.
Instead of letting people cross, he drives past it like a rocket!
And now in church, we look the part. Love is the central theme,
I look at Mum and Dad and think… Go home and start again?




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