A Christian Soldier


A Christian Soldier
By Rita Broden

Wearied; battle wounded
The soldier hits his knees
There is no other course to take
He prays, his God to please.

Having done all else, he stands
Secure in God’s reply
Whatever may be lacking
He knows God will supply.

Weakened by the battle
Christ supports him with His love
Beaten by the world below
Strengthened from above.

The soldier’s face, all wet with tears,
Begins to glow again
His heart, once more, does overflow
For this lost world of men.

‘Lord, keep me focused on the Truth!’
Is the soldier’s plea
‘Help me each and every day
Point the world to Thee!’

‘I know that wars cannot be won
Where battles don’t take place
Flood my soul with love, Lord!
Your mercy, peace, and grace!’

‘Be lifted high my Prince of Peace!
Have Your way in me!
It is You I choose to please!
It’s YOUR blood that set me free!’

‘Gracious Savior, precious Lord,
I thank You that You care!
And I’m thankful I can speak to You
Through this gift called prayer!’




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