A Closer Walk


A Closer Walk
By Souad Susu Majdoub

One desires so much in this life
We would walk the length and breadth of life to get our desires.
How much do we desire a closer walk with God?
Enough to say no to personal interests?
Enough to trust unseen circumstances and waive the apparently real?

A closer walk entails zero will,
Our desires at a standstill,
Our hopes rooted in Him,
Timing of no essence, when we await His instructions.

A closer walk means no to your goals at the moment,
And yes to what He asks you to trust.
Definitely not by our strength is abandon possible.
It has to be stirred up in a willing heart,
That sees the overall picture from God’s point of view.

May we desire the walk of faith,
That speaks freedom,
That promises revelation
And that stamps us as the children of The Promise.

Ride now on that cloud,
Dare to let go of ideals,
You will fail on your own.
But victory is assured the road He’s taking you.




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