A Contradiction


A Contradiction
By W A Zamorano

Lord, please explain to me
the contradiction that I see.
Could it be, that the poor are rich
and the rich are poor?

There is a groaning and moaning in my ear.
It is the persecuted church I hear.
Their faith has brought them near,
helping them to overcome their fear.

Your Word is their foundation,
they are trusting in the blood for their salvation.
They don’t seek any worldly gain,
they boldly confess Your Holy Name.

They have to hide and stay out of sight.
When they are found, they will be bound.
They will be stripped of their possession
because of their confession.
They are tortured and put to death
with Your name on their last breath.

Now this is the contradiction I see,
Your church flaunting its prosperity.
“We must show the world, how we are blessed,
because the Name of Jesus we have confessed.

We must strive for excellence,” they say,
“Don’t you know, we are honoring God that way?”
They ask the people for a large donation
for the new facility’s foundation.

Isn’t this the most excellent way,
when people kneel at the altar and pray?
When Your Name is lifted high
and the Spirit is drawing nigh.
When Your Glory fills the room
with its sweet perfume?

Whether poor or well to do,
there is one thing that is true.
Only Faith is pleasing to You.
Lord, help me to understand
that the balance is in Your hand.

Lord, unite your church in these last days
to the Glory of Your Grace.
Let us focus on our common goal,
to bring Your Salvation to every hungry soul.




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