A Contrary Day


A Contrary Day
By W A Zamorano

Have you ever had a day,
when people ask you,
how are you,
and you’d rather not say?

God doesn’t seem close,
when you need Him the most.
Lord, I am hurting,
it seems,
I am praying in vain.

Lord, Your Word says,
You never change.
Why are You hiding
and playing this game?

My friend, I’ve been there
and His answer is always the same
My Grace is sufficient,
Remember, for your pain
the Lamb of God has been slain.

Do not look back,
look straight ahead
whatever you go through
even though you can’t feel it,
He’s right there with you.

Do not let doubt enter in,
doubt and unbelief are sin.
Wherever God leads you,
He’s already been.

He is your comforter
and He is your friend.
He will hold your hand
until the end,
when right around the bend
you can see the Promised Land.




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