A Crimson River


A Crimson River
By W A Zamorano

There is a river
that is crimson red,
flowing down the mountain
where Jesus died and bled.

Down through the ages
this river has not ceased.
All who plunge beneath
the crimson flow,
will come up whiter
than the purest snow.

I am talking about
the precious blood of Jesus,
that ran down from the cross
making an atonement
for all who are lost.

The river is still
winding down that hill,
available for all,
who want to be set free
and walk in victory.

When this river comes your way,
be sure to jump in,
you’ll be cleansed from your sin
and your soul forever saved.

Lord, I Thank You for the river,
for the cleansing stream,
Your precious Blood, forever,
flowing down from Calvary.




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