A Cross To Bear


A Cross To Bear
By June Stein

For each of us, who are in Christ,
There is a cross to bear,
But we find love and mercy,
Because our Lord is there,
He will help us bear our burdens,
And we need never fear,
We may not know the reasons,
But we know He is near.

Our Lord will never pass us by,
He holds us in His Hand,
It is not ours to question,
We may not understand,
But this we know, that in His love,
It all will work for good,
As we trust in solid faith,
We triumph through His blood.

The cross we bear is light, with Christ,
And brings us rich reward,
Without it we might have missed,
Full closeness to our Lord,
His Presence with us brings us joy,
That only comes through pain,
Victory is worth the price,
We count it all as gain.

When at last the days are over,
That we have spent on earth,
Though we, alone, aren’t worthy,
In Christ, we have full worth,
He gives us His own righteousness,
To stand before the Throne,
Bathed in His love, we’ll glory,
With joy, in Heaven’s home.




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  1. Joanne Standfield says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem dear June … it’s just what I needed to read tonight. Love from your friend Jo

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