A Day Of Woe And Cheer


A Day Of Woe And Cheer
By W A Zamorano

The Day of the Lord
Is almost here
A Day of woe
And a Day of cheer

Be it friend or foe
The day or hour
No one knows
The Bible tells us so

We must be alert
Trust in His Word
And believe
Bring in the harvest
And gather the sheaves

I can hear a shout
In the distance
It is time
To be persistent

Go and tell them
And compel them
To give their lives
To Jesus Christ

Heaven’s door
Will soon be shut
Like Noah’s Ark
Before the Flood

The Day of the Lord
is drawing near
When He will
Suddenly appear

A day of woe
For all who said no
To the cross
Who remain forever lost

But it will be a day
Of joy and cheer
When all the saints
Are getting out of here




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