A Former Friend


A Former Friend
By Rita Broden

I don’t want to lose a friend
But I must say ‘Good-bye’
It hurts a bit to let you go
I almost want to cry.

We’ve been friends so very long
We know each other well
Everything we’ve faced ‘as one’
We’ve stories same to tell.

We grew so very, very close
I knew your ways – you mine
Always hand-in-hand we walked
(Me thinking I was fine).

I thought we were the ‘best’ of friends
But, one day my eyes saw clear
I was not the only one
You tenderly held dear.

Your attention? Many had!
You courted them so well!
You drew them in with all your charms
And now they’re bound for hell.

Unless, UNLESS that is, old friend,
Like me, they are set free
By the precious blood of Christ
Spilled at Calvary.

Since my eyes are open now
I’ll pray theirs will be too
I’ll pray that each and every one
Will be set free from you.

I’ll warn them of your tactics
Speak to them words of LIFE
I’ll let them know that it’s been YOU
Who’s caused them so much strife.

SATAN, you’ve been skillful
In all your hellish ways
But you can’t match the Lord’s skill!
You can’t match The Ancient of Days!

His ways bring nought but peace and rest-
Bring forth the best in men!
Your ways bring nought but fear and doubt-
Then fear and doubt again.

Old friend, you are a stranger now
And may you ever be!
It is Jesus I serve now,
And Him Who set me free!




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