A Holy Kindling


A Holy Kindling
By W A Zamorano

Lord, please hear my call
and let Your fire fall.
You are my everything,
You are my all in all.

You’ve set my heart on fire,
burning deep within,
consuming me,consuming me,
a holy kindling.

You’ve given me Your desire,
fanning the flame,
shooting higher, shooting higher
tongues of holy fire.

You’ve taken me from the mire,
sending an ember,
igniting in me, igniting in me,
a burning torch
for all to see.

Let your holy Fire descend on us we pray
and purify our broken vessels made of clay.

We present our bodies a living sacrifice,
Lord, let our worship rise,
and let it be
a sweet fragrance unto thee.

Holy, holy, holy are You Lord
worthy to be worshipped and adored
You are my all in all,
please, let Your fire fall.




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