A Jagged Sword


A Jagged Sword
By Frederick Blanchard

A jagged sword has pierced the heart,
Causing a dull and steady ache,
Over the suffering of sweet innocence,
It also impales the soul, tearing it apart.

Physical torture is readily heard and seen,
Displaying its contortions in endless groans,
But the soul’s sadness is hidden from view,
Quietly eroding life like a punctured spleen.

You alone Lord, truly understand this pain,
For you felt this depression in the garden,
The slow rising and overwhelming ache,
Pulling your spirit down like an anchor and chain.

Time keeps its steady pace but the heart slows,
Bringing the appointed hour closer, with its dread,
Yet there is a sense of peace found in reverent prayer,
Knowing The Father will carry us past our woes.




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