A Journey Of Faith


A Journey Of Faith
By Souad Susu Majdoub

Years rolled by in an old castle
Cold and dreary, its dungeons so deep
Its walls so high
Surrounded by fields, fortified with an army.

A solitary bridge hang loosely from the walls,
Abandoned and neglected, tough it still was
And yet the majestic gates, though they loomed high,
The bridge was more elastic, reaching to the sky.

It was the only way out of the despairing fortress
It spoke of the promoise of a world of light outside
It took one step over deep, threatening waters
And freedom was released
All shackles came down
The heart was at ease
Now even the prison became captive to freedom’s call.

Tucked under the bridge was a timely boat
Its oars afloat,
Its strength portrayed by its coat.
It sailed the new man on life’s waters,
The moon at night, the key light,
By day the sun, the hope of a new dawn.

The new discovery of the eminence of a Son
The new revelation that life was His to freely give,
All trained the new man
And prepared the soul
For yet another battle
For who would bring any charge against His annointed?
Who would fight to win unless appointed?

The story so far is,
On this journey of faith,
Initial chains will be broken,
Yokes will dissipate
Shackles will be removed.
Further alaong the road,
Hold on patiently, feed your horse.
When weary, ask for rest,
When frustrated, soak in His wisdom.

The story never ends till the dying breath
Jesus, the Son will be with us through every era
It takes the faith like a mustard seed
To be planted in a soul to take heed
To pluck out all the weed
And to fulfil the desire to know His need.

One journey of faith
Will break the walls for many
Tell the story to bring release
Feed the hungry,
They too seek His face.




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