A Lament


A Lament
By W A Zamorano

O that men everywhere,
would praise His holy Name,
but instead they use His Name in vain.
They eat and drink and make merry
and think God’s judgment will forever tarry.

O that men, everywhere would draw near
and bow before their Creator in godly fear,
but instead they boast of their own gain
and seek for their own popularity and fame.

O that men, everywhere would fall on their knees
and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways.
They say they’re born again, but do not forsake sin.
They are filled with pride and selfishness within.

O that men, everywhere would be set on fire
to do God’s will with all their heart’s desire,
who will make a stand
for righteousness in our land.

O, Dear Lord, we will go forth
singing high praises in one accord,
wielding the two-edged sword,
declaring the Kingdom of God has come
through the shed blood of Jesus Christ,
God’s only Son.




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