A Letter To The Father


A Letter To The Father
By Souad Susu Majdoub

Most Benign
I remember when I was nine
How You breathed my name and
Said to me “Fear not for you are mine”.

You promised to be through every storm
Through every trial that ever took form
I thought in my heart, how could this be?
That You could care for someone like me?

But You were patient and gentle
Drank with me from that kettle
That held my life
Taught me to release and let go of all that strife.

Days of not understanding
Thinking You had gone away
Because of how I’d gone astray.

Until after many, many years
I knew why my past was as it was
What it meant to carry a cross
How life was full of many wars
Why You loved me despite my flaws.

I would that I could change my life
But without my past today would not have been
For Your sake it was necessary
To conclude those days with a new commentary.

I must thank You for You knew best
When You put me to the test
There are things I might still not understand
But I live with a hope that with me You will stand
Each new step is a new journey
Limitless days that keep me merry.

I adore You truly,
Lord, Yours Faithfully.




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