A Prayer Of Adoration


A Prayer Of Adoration
By Cinda M Carter

Dear Jesus…
Please, forgive us.
Forgive us of our sin,
So, that we may enter in.

Enter into Your Gate…
With Praise.
From dusk until dawn,
Let us praise You all day long.

Sing praises to the King of kings…
Our offerings we bring.
Into Your court,
To Christ our Lord.

Thank you for Your sacrifice…
By giving Your life.
Upon the cross You did die,
Being raised from the dead was Your plight.

How we worship and adore, our Lord…
Thanking You, for the blessings in store.
Now we have peace and rest,
As He takes us through each trial and test.

Buried with Christ Jesus…
We are risen with Him through crucifying the flesh.
Trust in Him for all things,
While we praise and sing.

Praise His Holy Name.
For it is from God, Jesus came.

King of kings…
Lord of lords…
We kneel down before,
It is You, who we worship and adore.

As our Father…
We bring honor,
To Your Name.
The gospel of Christ we proclaim. Amen!




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