A Puzzle Taking Shape


A Puzzle Taking Shape
By Christine Hare Tate

Waiting, trusting, expecting
That’s what Christians do…
amid the negative clamoring
God’s word remains true.
Pessimistic reports flourish,
you can hear them everywhere…
the gloomy clouds are hovering
and permeate the air.

Though satan’s fiery arrows
are aimed relentlessly,
I shall not allow him
to steal my victory.
I’m determined to press on
though my senses say opposite,
choosing to trust the Lord
and the leading of His Spirit.

Through smiles and tears
I’ll continue on my journey
for it’s a new season in
God’s perfect plan for me.
A puzzle taking shape,
approved by God’s design…
Yet to fulfill His purpose
all the pieces must align.

Can I slip thru God’s fingers
and blindly go astray?
Not when God is ordering
my steps along the way!
One thing I can count on,
God’s light is glowing,
as He guides my weary feet
when I’m not sure where I’m going!


‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.’
[Hebrews 11:1]



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