A Secret Place


A Secret Place
By June Stein

Slow down my mind, Lord,
Put me in pastures of green,
With white clouds up above,
Beside a flowing sparkling stream.

Let me be there with You,
For a gentle filling time,
With only just the two of us,
As we walk in friendship, sublime.

Sometimes even family I love,
And the wonderful times we share,
Fill my mind with schedules and plans,
And the room for You gets too spare.

Even though I set apart
This morning time each day,
The constant things of family life,
Are never far away.

I thank You for that blessing,
For You know I love them so,
But I feel the need for more of You,
So I seek a secluded place to go.

Oh for a secret garden,
Where I could go alone,
To be with only You for a time,
Far away from distractions at home.

But for now, that garden and pasture green,
Will have to be in my mind,
I know that You can put it there,
And my secret place with You, I’ll find.

When You lived on earth, Lord,
You often withdrew, alone,
And so I know You’ll take me there,
Even here at home.




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