A Winter Tale


A Winter Tale
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

It was a cold winter’s morning,
thick snow lay on the ground,
heavy frost had made it slippy,
I was afraid I would fall down.
A broken wrist the year before,
when going out in snow,
had caused me to be nervous,
out in snow I dare not go.

But today I had an appointment,
with my doctor down the street,
I was about to cancel it,
when my neighbours came to greet.
I told them my dilemma,
so they took me in their car,
then said they could not wait for me,
as they were going far.
“By the time your appointment’s over,
the frost will have melted, so
you will have no trouble getting home,
you haven’t far to go”.
How wrong they were I later found,
as I tried to cross the street,
the road was far too slippy,
I couldn’t stand upon my feet.

I held onto the bonnet of
a car that was close by,
afraid to move, I said a prayer,
then heard a voice say “Hi”.
A car had drawn up close to me,
the man now by my side,
said, “Let me help you to our car”
so to my home I got a ride.
He said “I never come this way
when we are going to the town.
I don’t know why you took that turn,
my wife said, with a frown.
She said we never go this way
what is the matter with you,
Then we saw you standing there,
and knew what we had to do.
For it was the Lord who sent us
in answer to your prayer,
for I am sure that you were praying,
as you were standing there.”

These people they were Christians,
sent from God above,
In answer to my prayer for help,
They were sent to me in love.


This happened many years ago but stays in my memory. I had just said. “Lord please help me” when the car appeared which means God was already sending an answer before I had even prayed. A lesson there for sure.



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