Ablaze With Praise


Ablaze With Praise
By Christine Hare Tate

Our praise should be a fragrance
acceptable and pleasing, a
sweet aroma in the presence
of our Savior and King.

Birthed by His spirit
ascending high above,
like a symphony of worship
an expression of our love.

The Lord is most deserving
may the world hear our cry…
for the privilege of serving
our God who reigns on high!

Spirits set ablaze
like a roaring fire,
ignited for the Lord,
let it be our true desire.

Rejoicing in harmony
it’s music to the Lord,
when He sees His family
stand united in accord.

The sweet sound of praise,
respect and adoration,
coming from His children
to thank Him for salvation.


‘Praise the Lord, all nations everywhere. Praise Him all the peoples of the earth. For He loves us very dearly, and His truth endures. Praise the Lord!’
[Psalm 117:1-2]



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