All About Christmas


All About Christmas
By W A Zamorano

Dear Sister and Brother
More than any other
Christmas is a time of caring
and a time of sharing
God’s Love with one another.

For some it is a time
To forget offences
A time of mending fences
Forgiving each other.

For some it is a time
Of good cheer
Reminiscing of the happy times
They had throughout the year.

For some Christmas is
A time of following tradition
Sitting around the kitchen table
Reading the Christmas story
Year after year.

Like it is just a fable
Never realizing
What happened in that stable.

But for many
Christmas is the best
Time of the year
When Heaven is drawing near.

Because they know
That baby sleeping in the manger
Was destined to become our Savior.

That Jesus came on Christmas night
To give His life, to pay the price
So that whosoever calls on Him
Shall have eternal life within.

Christmas is a time
When God’s Love is in the air
When hearts are prepared
For us to share
The story
Of the king who came from Glory.

To proclaim
The Truth about the babe
Asleep in the manger
With your friends and neighbors
And even with some strangers.




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