Amazing Creation


Amazing Creation
By Frederick Blanchard

From the sweetness of a humming bird,
To the amazing power of an eagle in flight,
The ability to hover with blurring wings,
And the gentle motion to glide at great height.

The unreachable and countless lights of heaven,
Giving man awe of the majesty of Jehovah,
His dancing display of the Aurora Borealis,
And the captivating beauty of seeing a supernova.

The uniqueness of creatures great and small,
A cooing of the newborn held to its mother’s breast,
The hypnotizing babble of a winding stream,
And the marvelous way a bird builds a nest.

How the rainbow remains just out of reach,
Or why the earth never slows its rotation,
The feelings we have to nurture one another,
And His gift of music that sooths all frustration.




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