At War


At War
By June Stein

Know this is true; there is evil…
Very real in the world today,
If one’s heart is not close to God,
A door opens for Satan’s sway.

We’re at war with powers of darkness,
Though motives are slyly veiled,
We need to equip ourselves well,
The armor of God will not fail.

Don’t be deceived by the unseen,
Our true foe will be in disguise,
Doing battle against our souls,
In the daily barbs of our lives.

All is conquered in Jesus’ name,
His power is ours to call forth,
We need not fear the evil one,
But walk strong, in the Light of The Lord.

There’s nothing that can overcome,
The power of our Lord,
Son of The Father, Lord of Hosts,
To be here and everywhere adored!




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