Autobahn Of Christ


Autobahn Of Christ
By Frederick Blanchard

Put it in gear and move on forward,
This human vehicle is manoeuvred by the Holy Spirit,
Held together by our most powerful and awesome God,
Coated by the Lamb’s blood, fuelled by His word.

Release the brakes that hold you back in fear,
Trust in the One, who bore sins becoming our intercessor,
He alone worked out the mechanics of salvation,
His gift of total restoration with a love that’s sincere.

The autobahn of Christ has been paved,
Sealed by His blood, sweat and tears of compassion,
Laid out straight and narrow headed to heaven,
It’s the expressway of the new covenant, for the saved.

Let your engines roar singing His praises,
Lighting on fire your spinning wheels of desire,
To serve the victorious Lord of all creation,
Filling the atmosphere with symphonies of joyful choruses.




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