Autumn Colours


Autumn Colours
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

There’s mist now in the valley,
and a chill is in the air,
As Summer turns to Autumn,
there are changes everywhere.
The grass is wet with morning dew,
the cuchoo,long since flown,
the gardens now are looking bare,
now Summer flowers are gone.

Yet Autumn is a special time,
as green leaves turn to gold,
for when sunshine drives the mist away,
the colours are so bold.
Red and yellow,rusty brown,
so bright against the sky,
Soon like a patchwork carpet,
on the ground they will lie.

Autumn has a special beauty,
as in nature it is seen,
That splended colours now replace,
the different shades of green.

This can be true in our lives too,
though changes have to come,
Our Autumn can be golden,
because of Christ, Gods son.
We need not fear the changes,
but enjoy our Autumn years,
For Christ carries all our burdens,
and takes away our fears.

As the green leaves of the summer,
is replaced by Autumn hue,
This time it can be golden,
If Christ walks close to you.


Out walking yesterday I noticed that already the leaves are changing colour. In the Autumn years of life we can still show God’s beauty in our lives to those we come into contact with, just as the Autumn leaves show the beauty of nature to all who see them.



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