Autumn Morning


Autumn Morning
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

The mist hangs heavy over distant hills,
and dew is all around,
Everything is sleeping,
I can not hear a sound.
It’s then I hear that still small voice,
saying “My child, be still,
stop and listen, for I am God,
and I am with you still.”

I feel the mist, its all around
so thick I can not see,
But Jesus whispers “Its my love,
that I am wrapping all round thee.
Remember child, I AM GOD,
you do not need to see
Your past, your present and future too,
you must give to me.

The past is gone, forgotten,
it never can return,
The future to you is unknown,
so for it do not yearn.
But I have given you today,
thats all you need to see,
We will walk today together,
if you put your trust in me”.

I look across to distant hills,
the sun is peeping through,
as the mist is slowly clearing,
I say “I will put my trust in you.
and when the mist is all around,
and I find it hard to see,
I will remember Lord, you said it was,
your love surrounding me.

On a misty Autumn morning,
when all the world is still,
I stop and listen quietly,
to hear my Saviour’s will.
I must leave the past behind me,
not yearn for days to be,
But walk today with Jesus,
for I know He walks with me.




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