Be Born Again Or Die In Sin


Be Born Again Or Die In Sin
By Tom D Blakely

Jesus was in the world
The world was made by Him
But the world did not know Him
Having no spiritual light and being blinded by sin.

But to whoever accepted Jesus as Saviour
He gave power to become the children of God;
To all who believed on His name
Who are washed in His everlasting life saving blood.

Who were born not of flesh, but of God.
That which was born of flesh, is flesh;
That which is born of the Spirit is spirit
There is no in between, we must be born again or perish.

No amount of good works we do
Or ordinances of the church we may receive
Can make us right with God, who sacrificed His Son.
We are born again when we repent of sin and in Jesus believe.


‘I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.’
[John 3:3]



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