By Doreen Margaret Higgs

There is so much beauty all around,
both in the sky and on the ground.

The golden sun shines so bright,
the moon and stars come out at night.

Majestic trees stand firm and tall,
the bright blue skies are above us all.

I see the birds up in the sky,
singing as they fly up high.

Cattle and sheep graze in the field,
and many crops the fields will yield.

Golden corn and linseed blue,
yellow rape and potatoes too.

As I look around the world I see,
that many things bring joy to me.

Yet I also know that a better place,
waits for me, by God’s good grace.

This world, though beauty doth abound,
has sin and death all around.

But in that new world bye and bye,
sin will be gone and we will not die.

Better still my Lord I will see,
the Lord who gives so much to me.

I see His beauty in every place,
but how I long to see His face.

I feel His love surrounding me,
one day His loving face I’ll see.

The beauty of the earth below,
just a fraction of His love can show.

But oh the joy of heaven above,
when He wraps me in His arms of love.




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