Blessed By Every Test


Blessed By Every Test
By W A Zamorano

Are you going through a trial or test?
In this one thing you can rest
and be absolutely sure,
He will not give you more
than what you can endure.

Trials must come,
so your faith can mature.
Although it seems unfair,
He will not give you more
than you can bear.

With every trial comes hope,
and the ability to cope.
When You trust in Him
faith rises up within,
another victory to win.

When He puts you through the wringer,
you will come out a singer.
Let praise be all,
that is coming out of your mouth.
It is the key to open the prison door
and let you out.

Your highest praise will turn the spout
for God’s blessings to pour out,
and pretty soon you will forget
the painful trial and test.

You will start to realize,
that the trial
was a blessing in disguise
and that the test
worked out for your best.


[Hebrews 12]



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