Blue and Gray


Blue and Gray
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Our lives are full of patterns,
in shades of blue and gray,
no matter how very close we walk,
with our Lord each day.
He never promised roses, all along the way,
but steep and rugged pathways,
for us to tread some days.
Yes some days are full of sunshine,
others are full of rain,
some days are quiet and peaceful,
others are full of pain.
For He never promised sunshine
without the showers of rain,
But we know that on a rainy day,
the sun will shine again.
Even on our bad days,
God’s promise is so true,
That if you put your trust in Him,
He will stay close to you.
No matter if the sky is gray,
for days or weeks on end,
His love and peace He promised,
and this our Lord will send.
So take His hand and hold it tight,
although the sky is gray,
For He will give you peace within,
and drive those clouds away.




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