Breaking Through


Breaking Through
By W A Zamorano

Are there walls surrounding you
Has fear and doubt come in
Are you trying to break through
The victory to win.

Do not forget
The battle is not over yet
Shake off the devil’s fiery dart
And let faith arise in your heart.

Give the Lord some praise
Shout grace, shout grace,
Shout grace
To the mountain in your way
It must move, it cannot stay.

Do not fret
If it takes a little while
To get through the test and trial
Surrender and take up your cross
Let God’s fire burn up the dross.

No need to tread
The Lord will be a shield about you
He will be your glory
And the lifter of your head.

Blow the trumpet
And the walls surrounding you
Will come tumbling down
With a clap and a shout
Fear and doubt are driven out.

Hallelu, Hallelu
You have broken through
Shouting “Victory
The Lord has set me free!”




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