Bridging The Gap


Bridging The Gap
By Frederick Blanchard

One by one on the precipice of disasters brink,
Sin reveals a depth, of which no man knows,
It’s a pit of emptiness, of total void, its spiritual death,
The lowest point to which anyone could sink.

A Redeemer stands in the midst of a terminal choice,
His outstretched arms reaching a wide breadth,
Incomprehensible to the simple mind of man,
This discerner of the heart hears our pleading voice.

He’s standing firm in the bedrock of salvation,
Becoming the bridge, the pathway, the roadway to God,
In Him, sinners find wholeness, forgiveness and spiritual life,
In choosing this bridge, begins a renewing transformation.

In God’s bridging over the pit of hopelessness,
We find hope, knowing in this, we can place all trust,
For this is our Shepherd, our Savior, Christ the Lord,
It is Him, that spans this dreadful gap over the Abyss.




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