Broken Pieces


Broken Pieces
By Tom D Blakely

So, you followed your own instincts
And took a worldly wife.
You bluffed the Christian side of things
To ensure there was no strife.

Did you really expect God’s blessing
On a life based on deceit?
Your wife was more honest than you were
For God you tried to cheat!

Your unbelieving wife then left you
She found another mate.
You didn’t try to stop her
But put it down to fate!

Though she left her new lover
You were determined to divorce.
Pride overcame forgiveness
And you followed a worldly course.

You invested in your family house
And trusted in yourself.
Now you’ve lost your family
And all your worldly wealth.

Whatever happened to your faith;
The Lord, that you once owned?
It was not God, but you who failed
When you choose to walk alone.

So your life is now in pieces
Because you turned away from God.
If only you had taken heed
And obeyed His living word.

So instead of feeling hard done-by
And dwelling on the past,
Return to Jesus now, today
For a future that is blessed.

Repent of sin and turn to Him
Christ’s blood has set you free.
He will mend the broken pieces
And give you victory.




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