Bumpy Flight


Bumpy Flight
By Tom D Blakely

It’s a grey day, today
And I just can’t see the way,
I’m at flight level one-five-zero
I must trust him come what may.

The turbulence is heavy
And my heart leaps with each jolt,
But I know that he is with me
And I patiently must wait.

My instruments are shaking
And my height I cannot hold
Then air traffic sends a message
And I must do what I’m told:

‘You’re two-hundred feet above
The altitude you were assigned;
Descend to one-five-zero and
Turn right heading three-one-five.’

Does he know what he is doing?
And the problems that I face?
For inside I’m really struggling
On this bumpy flight of faith.

I turn right to three-one-five
And my altitude I regain,
The dials show it’s hard to hold
As turbulance hits again.

I may never know the answer
While in turbulance I remain,
But air traffic has a reason
And my trust I must maintain.

‘Climb to three-five-thousand
And resume assigned flight plan.’
Now it’s blue skies all around me
And the weather is so calm!

The Lord is my Controller
Dark days are just a test;
To live by faith and not by sight
Is when I trust Him best.




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