Cain & Abel


Cain & Abel
By W A Zamorano

Because Adam and Eve had disobeyed
God had to send them away.
He gave them two sons
The first son was called Cain
and Abel was his brother’s name.

Cain became a farmer
and Abel a shepherd.
One day they both decided
to bring an offering to God
Now, Abel loved God very much
And offered a little lamb of his flock.
Cain offered up some wheat
from the harvest of his field.

God accepted Abel’s offering
because some day His Son Jesus
would become an offering
for the world’s sin.
Just like this innocent little lamb
Jesus would die for every man.

When Cain realized
that God rejected his sacrifice,
He became very angry
Deep down inside
And one day when he and Abel
Were out in the field alone
They fought with each other
Cain killed his own brother.

God called out to Abel
“Where is your brother?
“Why do you ask me
Am I my brother’s keeper?”

God punished Cain
He didn’t let him have a home
but all his life he had to roam
wandering from place to place.
But Abel received God’s blessing


Do you see the lesson?

Obey the Lord with all your heart
From His commandments do not depart
Always give the Lord first place
Bless Him and give Him praise
And He will keep you in all your ways
And direct your path all of your days

Let’s pray. . .

Dear Lord Jesus. Help me to love my Sister and Brother.


[Genesis 4]



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