Call Him


Call Him
By Souad Susu Majdoub

Who lulls you to sleep?
Dear, dear one, who worries when you weep?
Who causes you to be safe
In the land where you sojourn?
Who ushers you into new thoughts
As the years roll by, who calls the shots?

You? …

There is the One Divine out there
Who longs for your heart
Walk into His arms
And He will embrace you till your woes are no more
Let Him fill your core
To reach that place that is so sore.

Only He can heal
For He can truly feel
Where your hurts have nested
Grown, clustered and so infested.

There is a lifting, healing peace
That comes with so much ease
If you dare only to give Him your hand

Call Him Lord, He will answer
Ask the way, He will show you
He loves you so, for He died that you might be whole.




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