Call Of The Spirit


Call Of The Spirit
By June Stein

When you feel the Spirit upon you, do not hesitate to follow,
Do whatever He would have you do,
Though the way is unfamiliar, your Guide is right beside you,
Only He knows all the things you’re going through,
The time is coming fast–just give God the Glory,
Praise and worship Him each day, and the Spirit’s power
He will in you renew.

Watch and listen, be attuned to all the signs now given,
For time is moving swiftly to a close,
In the body of The Christ, there is a movement stirring,
An undercurrent through the earth now flows,
So listen to the movement of the saints in far off places,
As I draw My people close to change the world,
Do you hear and understand? Are you listening to the call?
Will you follow My commands and spread the Word?

Write from passion and from love, all the things you feel inside,
As the time of the unfolding now draws near,
Use the gifts the Father gives you to establish now His purpose,
In and through His people, who have heard,
Raise the call to heed His warnings, for redemption is at hand,
Make no mistake–and Raise His Holy Word!


‘And it shall be in the last days, saith God, I will pour forth of my Spirit upon all flesh…’
[Acts 2:17]



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