Call On Jesus’ Name


Call On Jesus’ Name
By W A Zamorano

Let go of the anger
Let go of the blame
And call on Jesus’ Name.

Let go of self-pity
And do not complain
And call on Jesus’ Name.

Thank Him for the pleasure
And for the pain
They will work together
For your spritual gain.

For the seed the farmer sows
To grow into precious grain
It will need both
The sunshine and the rain.

Your journey to the promised land
May not be an easy one
But when you hold on to His hand
You can face whatever may come.

Storm clouds will come and go
And you’ll be tossed to and fro
But there is one thing I know
There will be a rainbow
After the rain
And the sun will shine again.

When you call on Jesus’ Name
From Glory to Glory
You will be changed
You will never be the same.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Bless His Holy Name.




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