Cherish Your Time With Him


Cherish Your Time With Him
By W A Zamorano

O what a glorious Morning
A Morning like no other
When I have sweet fellowship
With my friend and brother.

I will bow down at His throne
I will worship Him alone
Who with His precious blood
Did for my sins atone.

I can hear the angels sing
Their sweet Hallelujahs ring
As I kneel before my King
The sacrifice of praise to bring.

Give Him honor, give Him praise
To Him alone your anthem raise
Give Him glory all of your days
For His mercy and His grace.

Cherish this Morning hour
Chrish Your time with Him
When He fills you with His power
And gives you a new song to sing.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Your loving kindness never ceases
There is just something about Your Name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
I am so grateful that you came.




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