By Rita Broden

A woman claims her daddy raped her at the age of three
She blames him now for all the wrong’s she’s done
It’s his fault that her life’s messed up and nothing has gone right
Her responsibillity? Well………she has none!
Failed relationships, every lie she’s told, every mean and cruel thing she’s done
Is a result of being raped at the age of three
But if this reasoning is correct, something must have happened to her daddy too!
If he raped her, it can’t be his fault – don’t you see?
I wonder just what happened to this dad that he would rape his child?
It must have been quite terrible, you know?
And the one who hurt her daddy? Something must have happened to them too!
And on down the line we start to go
At the end of the line we step into a garden lovely and fair
We take a look and discover Adam and Eve
Then we take another look and see the serpent (that old devil)
The one who knows quite well how to deveive
So…….now we know the culprit! It’s been the devil’s fault all along!
To blame someone else is what he’d have us do!
BUT when Adam blamed Eve, and then Eve blamed the serpent – it didn’t wash with God
Their disobedience is what came shining through!
You see, we can’t blame someone else for the sins that we commit
To sin is a choice made within the mind and heart
It starts with disobedience to the will of God
It’s that disobedience that keeps us and God apart
Terrible thinigs have happened to folks throughout history
Some were overcome………some overcame
Those who rose victorious through their trials and tribulations
Found healing in our precious Savior’s name
Out of obedience to the Lord those transgressed forgave their transgressors
They chose to walk in love instead of hate
The principles and precepts Jesus taught us…….they applied!
We can too, my friends! It’s not too late!
It all rests in our decision: Will we walk in love or not?
Will we put away the past and start anew?
Will we allow bitterness, anger, and hate to slowly eat us up?
This decision, my dear friends, is up to you.




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