Choose Today!


Choose Today!
By Tom D Blakely

Leaving the splendours of heaven above
Jesus came down for the people He loved.
Though God and Creator and worthy of praise
He humbled Himself for His loved ones to raise.
He donned earthly flesh and came into this world
To show us God’s kingdom and how to be saved.
Guilty, unworthy and lost in our sin
Hell we deserved; that is why Jesus came.
Christ died on the cross that we might be forgiven
His blood was shed as our sacrifice for sin.
O what a blessing to know sins forgiven
To be restored to God and to live for Him.

What a tragedy to reject His salvation
To refuse to repent, to die in our sin.
To live for each weekend and all we can take
To never be happy, for this life is a fake.
To wish for each new thing, that can’t satisfy.
To wish for retirement, when soon we must die.
Wise up dear friends, who live with blurred vision
Come now to the cross and make a life-changing decision.
Stop hiding from God; Repent now of sin
Christ died for you, so believe and receive Him.
May God open your eyes to the truth today
To get right with Him through Jesus – the Way!

Choose today!
Don’t wait or hesitate, for tomorrow may be too late.


‘I tell you, now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation.’
[2 Corinthians 6:2]



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