Christmas Bling


Christmas Bling
By Christine Hare Tate

Jingle bells, blinking lights,
mistletoe, silent night,
Away in a manger, Santa Claus
heralding angels, crowded stores.
Candy canes and caroling,
It’s the annual Christmas bling!

We’ve all witnessed year after year
the name of Christ disappear,
but should we really be surprised
that the name of Jesus is despised?
Jesus sees the outward traditions
signs, symbols and depictions…

He knows about the lack of respect
and how His authority men reject.
Christmas is not a religious event
celebrating won’t make a man repent.
Isn’t this why Christ came to earth,
to redeem and grant lost men new birth?

If there is no change in the heart’s intent
it matters not how Christmas is spent.
Symbols and signs can be replaced
but Christ the Lord can’t be erased!
REJOICE all ye who bear His name,
and in every season His truth proclaim!
With or without the Christmas bling
they’ll NEVER stop us from serving our King.




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