Christmas Day


Christmas Day (acrostic)
By Frederick Blanchard

C hrist, the Lord was born that day,
He rested quietly on the soft, fresh hay.

H osts, of angels proclaimed his birth,
Singing, a savior and king has arrived on earth.

R ejoice, for the Son of Man has been born,
The radiance of his glory we shall adorn.

I t, is the day prophesied about so very long ago,
Of our heavenly Father’s love, that He will show.

S overeign, Lord and King born in humbleness,
This gift of love, sent to save the hopeless,

T aken, away from his heavenly home,
To become our Rock and stable Corner stone.

M ary, became the chosen one,
For she touched the heart of God and bore His son.

A doration, of this blessed birth is felt by all believers,
This precious child will be glorified for sinners.

S alvation, has finally come to the fallen world,
The plan of God becoming unfurled.


D ivine, and marvelous is this special day,
Rejoice and give thanks as we pray.

A ll, creatures great and small will bow before this new born king,
Hear oh Lord the grateful songs we sing.

Y ahweh, oh how we praise your awesomeness and amazing love,
Yes Lord, we adore You, the Sanctifier sent from above.



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