Christmas Is Here


Christmas Is Here
By W A Zamorano

O what Joy, O what cheer
The most joyous time of the year
Christmas is here, Christmas is here.

A time of kindness, a time of love
A time to remember
When God’s Son came down from above.

A time to rest, a time to be blessed
A time to reminisce of bygone Christmases
A time of giving, a time of sharing
A time of loving, a time of caring.

Christmas is more than all of this
It is the celebration of
God’s gift of Salvation
For every kindred and every nation.

Christmas is the day, when God gave
His only begotten Son
Destined to die for the sins of everyone.

It is the time of the year
When heaven draws near
When we lay aside all strife
When we humble ourselves
And forget about our pride
And make things right.

O what Joy, o what cheer
O what heavenly atmosphere
Let us lift your voice and rejoice
Christmas is here, Christmas is here.




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