Christmas Tears


Christmas Tears
By Rita Broden

“Mom, don’t make us sad tonight!”
“C’mon!  It’s Christmas Eve!”
“Those tears you always shed do naught
But make us want to leave!”

Oh my dear, sweet family
If you just only knew
The tears I cry at Christmas
Aren’t shed to make you blue

You see, I just can’t help but cry
When I think of what God’s done
He gave the greatest present
When He gave to us His Son

So many years were wasted
In my selfish, sin filled life
And yet, He waited patiently
Through my troubles and my strife

He knew the day would come
When I would heed His call to me
I can’t help but cry to know
That-through-His-blood I’ve been set free

He didn’t have to shed His blood
He didn’t have to die
The magnitude of what He did
Is the reason that I cry

Well, not the only reason
But the biggest part, it’s true
The other part, I must confess,
Is the tears I cry for you

Not knowing where you stand with Him
Is troubling to me
You see, I’d like to live with you
Throughout eternity.




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