By Souad Susu Majdoub

Is this merely a state of mind or a way of life?
Are we to love Christ as an idea or as the key to eternity?
How far would we go to portray Him as the only hope to redemption?
Is it the love of a mere man or,
the touching truth that we need be prepared to lay down our lives for a worthy cause?
The love of a Divine God translated into flesh amongst men, to redeem, heal and prepare.
Time is of the essence in this current era!
Incense sticks will not guarantee eternity,
Veils and long garments fashionably copied and adapted from centuries of old,
will not guarantee salvation.
Souls perish daily, stock markets fail by the hour.
Old statistics will not hold in a crumbling world order.
Man’s idea of Rambo will not save souls, neither will Iron Man.
The lift comes when we surrender all analysis,
When we can step into murky waters
and trust to hold on to the hand of the One who walked on water.
Other doctrines could doubt His resurrection,
Claiming it a conspiracy!
But who and what will we follow?
The Prophet or the Guru?
The Law of Karma or The Son Of God?
There is only one truth, do not be deceived that all roads lead to the One.
The deceiver, would have you muddled up to believe anything,
To make sure your mind is not focused on the oneness of a Divine God.
Do not be deceived!
Believe that God is merciful and loving enough to send His own flesh to die for you.
Salvation was His plan to redeem the lost.
The work on the Cross was to seal your fate to His and mark you for the road to eternity.
The love of Christ is what will cause you
to breach your own barriers and trust in the unseen,
knowing that His grace and mercy flank your sides.
Fear of absolute abandon to Him?
He created you for His pleasure, not yours. Sorry the scales must be removed sometime!
If He commands you to go, then so you must, for the advancement of the Kingdom.
A dusty Bible on a bedside shelf,
Or a gold cross embossed with diamond studs will not proclaim you saved and safe!
Do not be deceived.
Live out your faith, do not quote great words and dance to Halleluja tunes all night,
if you are incapable of holding on no matter what to the only real God!
Real, means get out of your comfort zone and serve, feed and proclaim!
Redeem the times, for the days are evil!
There is no time to waste growing.
You better get real now!
Do you trust Him enough in the first place to see you through the worst?
What have you to lose?
Your mind?
It’s gone anyway without Christ!
Your finances? Debts?
He owns everything, not the banks!
Wake up! Wake up!
If you insist on being obsessed, for crying out loud,
do not be obsessed with a romance, fashion, or with building mansions!
Be obsessed with Christ.
He is the only free gift, credit free! Interest free!
No special offer there or any conditions attached.
He has always been free for the asking!




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