Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
By Tom D Blakely

With jelly legs – can this be me? Someone has gone to make me tea,
Sugar as well, it’s looking good, but can it sweeten a bitter mood?
A ‘thank you’ would of course be right, but something inside prefers a fight.
The mug is not too delicate. As I reach for it – it feels a weight!
It shakes so bad, I set it down. Anyway, who needs tea? I must lie down.

Two hours have passed; where does time go? Someone’s called; but friend, or foe?
The visitor thinks he is a friend with good advice from start to end;
He has the understanding of a mule, and against my will I bear the fool!
I found a way to endure advice, which in most cases does suffice:
I let them talk, and though I’m there, I sleep behind an open stare.
For appearance sake I look to be, a proper host for all to see.
I learnt to do this marvellous fake, through what at first seemed a mistake:
One day a friend talked a bit too fast – my mind ‘tripped out’ till he had passed!

This ‘mystery illness’ you must explain, to all the world – then over, again!
Why pour your energy down the drain? Clergy and doctors are just the same.
Questions, questions they put to you, because they haven’t got a clue!
Being a Christian I shouldn’t complain, but living a lie is worse again.
God knows the moans I make to Him; my family too think I’m a pain.

I’ve never known my thoughts so blurred; words don’t come easy as thinking’s hard.
Some days I cannot leave my bed, but sometimes God will clear my head.
Eight years ago God showed my rhyme, I’ve been writing poems from that time;
For God saved me three years before . . . . . That time too, I was on the floor.
My dad and brother had just been killed, but more important blood was spilled.
God showed me Jesus on the cross; I believed and received His gift of grace.

Friend, this isn’t my usual gospel poem, but Christ is the best thing that I own.
These words I write to share with you, as I know what you’re going through.
God wants us to know He’s in control; sometimes He breaks us to save our soul.
In heaven all tears are wiped away, and that’s where I’m going to be some day.
If you meet Jesus through your pain; you’ll know it wasn’t all in vain.


(This debilitating illness lasted nine years)




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