Civvy Street


Civvy Street
By Tom D Blakely

He didn’t have an education, nothing to boast about.
Growing up in a messed up home, didn’t give him much of a start.

He left school young but got a job, the only job that he could do;
He joined the army, went to war; He come home a hero too.

At least it seemed so in the war, he certainly was no coward;
He wore his medal home with pride, but sadly nobody cared.

It was a bloody war out there, so different now at home. . .
The soldier couldn’t get a job, and felt strangely alone.

His head was full of flashbacks, war’s romance had gone.
His mind was still in fighting mode; something was very wrong.

He really missed his buddies, the living and the dead.
He took drugs to help him, to cure his troubled head.

Maybe he needed a doctor? Maybe it was too late?
Soon he fell out with the law, this seemed to seal his fate.

He didn’t fit in civvie street, then not in prison either.
He fought with everyone the same, not showing fear or favour.

Most people had given up on him, except a guardian angel.
Who even talked of heavenly things, and another place called hell.

He sat down to think about this as he’d made enough mistakes.
Heaven or hell, so that’s my choice? This heaven place sounds great.

Guardian angel, why would God be bothered with a man like me?
You say His Son died for my sin, this Jesus can make me free

He didn’t have an education, nothing to boast about.
But he received God’s wisdom and in Christ a brand new start.


For anybody messed up by a war or circumstances that make you feel like a social outcast; Jesus has a different set of values and may be calling you, just like He called me. LISTEN UP! Because ultimately He is the only authority you ever need to answer to.
Also He is okay. Unlike others in the past, Jesus will never let you down.



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