Conversion Of Saul


Conversion Of Saul
By Sylvia E Blakely

Saul journeyed from Jerusalem
to Damascus he had to go.
He was an enemy of the church
and wanted everyone to know.

If he found followers of Christ
he would have them put in prison.
He was not to know God’s other plan
to save Saul and forgive him!

A bright light shone across Saul’s path
so bright it made him blind.
Then Jesus called from heaven
And Saul fell unto the ground.

Saul was very frightened, saying
‘Who is it Lord I cannot see?’
and the answer came back to him
‘Why are you persecuting me?’

A follower of Jesus, Ananias
received a vision from the Lord.
To go and lay his hands on Saul
that his sight might be restored.

Saul was happy to receive his sight
Knowing God had opened up his eyes
He accepted Jesus Christ as Lord
and gladly was baptised.

The Jewish leaders were mad at Saul
for taking the Christian way.
They planned to kill him, but he knew
and Christians helped him get away.

His friends helped Saul to escape
in a basket down the city wall.
He travelled to Christians at Jerusalem
where some trusted him, but not all.

Then Barnabas told them the story
of how Saul had met the Lord
and stopped him harassing Christians
by converting him instead.


[Acts 9 1-30]



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